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New Technology for Ad Accountability - allocate permissions to the ad buyers and agencies to view real-time commercial airplay progress.  These reports can contain: upcoming air scheduling positions, current airplay activity (complete with audio) and tangible historical commercial accountability after airing.

Continual Watch of aired Ad Content - A patent pending media audit process that we call "Sound Proof"(sm) insures proper commercial airplay, detects incorrect media and watches for unauthorized airplay.   Upon detecting a discrepancy  station personnel is contacted and shown the questionable moment on the time line complete with audio.  This technology can also be utilized to assure that must-carry Ads in programs are played or when programming is played by program storage and delay devices (eg: XDS).

Enables a Web Based Consumer Search for recent aired ads based on Product, Advertiser or Time.  Search results can be opened up to all stations is a local cluster for a more complete response.

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Ad accountability and clearance is taken to an all new level - Advertisers now have reporting that only our new technology delivers.  Future, current and past cleared ads are just a mouse click away.  All aired events are verified by Proof Of Play’s Sound Proof (SM) audio verification routine.  You can now see instantly that an event was completely and correctly aired.

Buyer Specific Reporting -  Unlike the existing ad accountability services, Proof Of Play knows exactly who the buyers are - even if two buyers are airing the same creative.  This allows relevant reporting so that ad buyers only see the ads of interest.

Real Time Clearance -  Our new real time technology allows for instant and confirmed clearance.  We can also inject this data into advertiser clearance software systems via real time web services.

Live Copy reconcile solutions - Commercials that are read live can now be cleared much like recorded ads.  All live read ads will contain the beginning air time, total duration, media recording and a speech to text translation.  

When was

my ad run?

Did my ad

air correctly?

We want proof that our ad was aired.

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