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Broadcasters can finally provide tangible conformation to ad buyers.

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Sound Proof (SM) is a Continual Watch of Commercial Airplay - so that every commercial that is aired is checked to see that it was aired correctly and completely.  The Proof Of Play icon shows an event has been tested and indeed passes the examination for media accuracy and completeness.  When breaches are detected error messages are sent to designated personnel.

Finally!  A solution for accurately reconciling "live read" commercials!  A recording of the Ad (read live) plus the precise aired time and overall duration will be documented.

No Hassles - No antiquated watermarking, fingerprinting or master copy is needed.

Fully Computerized - Cost-effective for all market sizes.

A client service tool for ad buyers featuring sharable “live Reports” which update in real time as the Ad flight progresses. Radio station personnel can share the ad flight progress via email to ad buyers for answering queries of clearance or to allow a continual real time monitor for that advertiser’s specific ads.

Ubiquitous ad monitoring is enabled. Whether from corporate, regional or local offices, the station management can literally watch the progress of ad clearance or simply be notified of problematic breaches.

Our future advertising solutions will include a “intelligent” productions deadline system and “very late” copy change solution. Both of which will increase radio’s  unique ability to capitalize on serving advertisers with timely and relevant ads.

Media Check is now a 24/7 function - Power-Link’s successful product Media Check finds a new home in Proof Of Play to perform it’s task of testing commercial creative media readiness.  More robust than ever, Media Check will alert personnel on logical errors of that likely need attention. Continual examinations for dissimilar; descriptions, ISCI codes, Ad-ID’s and durations are reported automatically to station personnel.  This insures that upcoming commercial media is always correct.

Account Executives can serve advertisers with live reports -  Our live reports for advertisers are a simple email with a link selectively showing upcoming scheduling, current airing activity and past airing history all with recorded proof from the airwaves!  This saves countless hours of AE’s time answering ad clearance questions and schedule times inquiries.

Corporate Monitoring of Ad clearance and Sarbanes Oxley Compliance - All commercial airplay is documented with a media file that is a timeline of data.  Aired media, RDS text, interactivity initiated, relative signal strength and calibrated time of day are all recorded as metadata.  Our reporting produces unambiguous documentation of ad clearance to the specifications of a court recognized expert witness.

Proof of Play breakdown for radio broadcasters