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Ad buyers can now watch their past, present, and future advertisements as they clear on the radio.

Proof of play is a real time ad monitoring program used by radio broadcasting stations. Based on the technologies of US Patent 8,645,987, it monitors advertisements being played in real time and looks for discrepancies and problems. If proof of play detects the wrong ad was played or unexpected audio in place of the ad, it automatically alerts the radio station. Broadcasters can now provide ad buyers peace of mind and tangible proof that their advertisement was run on time and without problems. If you are paying good money for radio air time wouldn't you want to see proof  that it was aired correctly? With Proof of Play, you can.

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For Advertisers - A Real Time Ad Clearance Tool featuring “Live Reports” and direct data feeds to the ad buyer’s clearance software as the flight progresses.   All reports are *buyer specific* - even for buyers of the same creative.

Provides a “Heads-Up notification” for call (receiving) centers for upcoming Ads that require awaiting personnel for predictable increased call volume.

Interactivity with customizable “calls to action” to verify the source of the prospect.

Our future advertising solutions will include a “Very Late” Copy Change and Control solution. This feature will increase radio’s unique ability to capitalize on serving advertisers with timely and advertiser preferred Ads.

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For Broadcasters - A Continual Watch of Aired Commercial Media looking for inconsistencies and watching for erroneous or unauthorized airplay.  Upon finding anything unexpected, station personnel are immediately notified.

An Advertiser Client Service Tool featuring ad hoc “Live Reports” sent by email showing future scheduling, current air activity and history.  Includes ad audio for quick auditioning and Proof Of Play Sound Proof (SM) Icon for quick visual verification.

New Revenue for Radio as stations can monetize the extra third party Ad confirmation services and schedule notifications to create a new cash flow!

“LIVE READ” commercial reconciliation - complete with begin time, duration, recorded media and speech to text translation that will satisfy the accountability for ads read live.

Real Time Interactivity - True Listener Interactivity that allows you to instantly contact the current advertiser!  Including “Pre Rolls” that allow an 10 minute advance teaser promo of an Ad to come via Smart Phone app or RBDS.  Our technology enables multiple “Calls to Action” (e.g: place phone call, visit web site, bookmark for later, *Email Me* the ad’s info, local map data for instant directions, etc) to appear on smart phones and your radio’s RDS.  This allows listeners to impulsively respond to an ad with two swipes of a thumb!