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Proof of Play Interactivity Demonstration

Imagine you are driving down the road with the radio on. Suddenly a commercial comes on for a new steak restaurant that interests you. They offer a coupon in their app (that was pushed out as part of the interactivity) you will receive a discount. Did you hear a phone number  that you can't remember? Agh! but you have the radio station app with data supplied by Proof Of Play! When you arrive at your destination you pull out your iPhone and instantly pull up the ad you heard on the radio. It gives you the restaurant’s phone number and website so you can quickly make a reservation for the promoted product.

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Interactive Pre-rolls - can be used for operational and promotional purposes.  EG: A 30 minute “heads up” message before the ad airs, can be sent to a call receiving center.  A 10 minute preceding promo to the ad airing, can be pushed out teasing the listener to listen up for a specific promotion in an upcoming ad.  A great way to keep listeners through upcoming breaks!

Enables Immediate Listener Response - Our interactivity allows radio listeners to impulsively respond to advertisements quickly, easily and safely. Custom “calls-to-action” are made available before, during an after an Ad’s airing.

Immediately connect listeners - by “pushing” the promoted phone number, web address, *Email me* functions, location mapping, coupon links, video links for a total interactive experience. All shown with the advertiser’s artwork for maximum branding.

Push Notifications - If the listener prefers “push notifications” can notify the presence of interactivity via a vibration or chirp letting the listener know that an instant reply by way of their smart phone is available.  At this point a listener is merely a couple thumb swipes away from calling the advertiser!